"Design-To-Print" Management (aka "D2P")

Think of it as of a safety ring that surrounds everyone and everything involved in a project. A new design cannot be sent to print unless it's approved form a client AND from a prepress department in printing facility. Or, it cannot be sent to proof printing before every single person on client's side (only those who are in charge of certain areas of the project, of course) approved it. For example: overall design and colors - approved; bar-code - approved, text - approved, etc... And all the tasks are being performed on-line.
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Through our D2P workflow many time-consuming tasks could be performed on-line. It saves time and money and reduces human errors to minimum. You want to make a comment on PDF document? Now you can do it in your browser. You want to check colors? Again, all you need is a browser and internet connection. Even color approval does not require physical proof print! This feature eliminates the need for courier services and saves many days of sending proof back and forth. With a certified monitor you can actually see how your product will look like when printed. Did we mentioned you can also be worry-free about spot colors? Yes, our on-line system is able to accurately display simulation of spot colors printed on any given substrate.