Importance of consistency

A product line is, in most cases, a group of products packed in different types and materials of packaging. Each material is defined by its own limitations when it comes to color values and tonal range of reproduction. To make things worse, many of printed items are being printed on different machines. And machines are also defined by their own limitations. Double trouble. So, having that in mind, no wonder final products are far from standardisation and that's exactly what a product line should aim to.

Importance of consistency II.

But, being able to minimise those differences between related products, is the most powerful feature of printing consistency. Take a good look at the example on the left. Same product needs three different materials and printing techniques for just two kinds of packaging. A mess, as a natural outcome, is not what any of us is looking for. Scroll down...

Importance of consistency III.

With our dedicated software and hardware, along with the close collaboration with printing supplier, we create prepress rules to minimise the differences between materials and printing machines. As a result, final products are much more alike to one another, just like they suppose to be. In the eye of the viewer (buyer), consistency is the second step to quality (good design is always the first step). It's a trigger for buying impulse.

Importance of consistency IV.

Quality printing or the overall look and feel of the product(s) is not reserved only for expensive, exclusive products. It is something desirable for every product, for every manufacturer. And now it's available and very, very close to reach!